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Gary Glass

AHA Director

Marty Nachel

Author of "Beer for Dummies" & "Homebrewing for Dummies"

Bill Bross

Linchpin Media

Michael Tonsmeire

The Mad Fermentationist

Rex Slagel

The Brew Bag

Matt Simpson

The Beer Sommelier

Matt Giovanisci

Brew Cabin

Vito Delucchi

Curator of Content at MoreBeer! BJCP Certified Judge, Award Winning Homebrewer (Gold & Silver Medals at NHC), Former President of Homebrew Club DOZE

Yinon Tamir


Golan Brewery

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Home Brewing Strategies Revealed By Top Homebrewing Experts

5 Days of Hot Topics Covered for All Levels

Day 1
The Kick Off

  • What to expect, how to get the most out of the summit.

BONUS:   AWESOME LIFE HACK TIPS for getting more "Brew Days" with your already busy schedule! Asher

Day 2
How to Brew Your Own Beer

  • Beer Kit vs All Grain
  • Brew in a Bag  vs Tradition 3 Tier - Rex
  • Stuff you’ll need to get started
  • Batch size equipment considerations
  • Beer Budget & Space - Keeping it from getting out of control & Small Spaces - Asher
  • The Process & Solving Common Newbie Problems - Asher

Day 3
Taking Your Homebrewing Up a Notch...
Beer Science & the Art of Brewing

  • Know your grains and their nuances
  • All about Hops
  • All about Yeast & Fermentation
  • Water
  • Equipment & Sanitation 
  • Software to make it easier & consistent
  • Getting Creative with your Own Recipes - Billy
  • The key to consistency - brew the same beer over and over - Matt, Brewcabin
  • Kegging & Bottling
  • Brewing Sour Beers - Michael

Day 4
Become a Beer Connoisseur

  • Beer Types & Tastes - Marty
  • How to taste Beer - Marty
  • Beer Etiquette: How to properly pour your beer, beer glasses - Marty
  • Food Pairing
  • Getting Certified, Becoming a Judge - Marty

Day 5
Keeping it Fun

  • Joining or Starting a Club & Keeping your club fun
  • Joining an Association & the benefits that come with that​
  • How to create your own cool labels & t-shirts (even sell them!)
  • Cooking with beer... BBQ & beyond
  • Entering & Winning Competitions - Vito
  • How to keep you beer belly under control & the health benefits of beer
  • Going Pro.. will it still keep it fun?

Wrap up

If you’re looking for the top homebrewing strategies that are working right now, then you’re right at home.


Abraham & Susan Venismach

Hi, we're Abraham & Susan, a husband & wife team.

We produce epic Virtual Summits  (check out our last event) and we love beer. Our friends started homebrewing and got us hooked so we had to do a virtual summit on homebrewing!

My mission is to bring the best homebrewing experts in the world to show us how to do it right and keep it fun.

Here we are on a beer tasting date.

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